Octopus CNF lanyard (full kit)


The Octopus CNF lanyard: a mix of safety, efficiency and comfortHydrodynamic and ergonomic, this belt will always stay on your hips no matter what! It is made using only high-quality components, from the super-light carbon composite polymer carabiner, to the 100cm plastic-coated stainless steel cable, and the strong water-resistant marine-graded polyester belt. The stainless steel quick-release also includes an innovative easy-grab tag. Designed and tested by Swiss record-holder Pascal Berger (-131m VWT ). Made in Switzerland, for quality you can trust.

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Less drag Drastically reduced drag during freefall by using a thin but sturdy belt: polyester with aviation-style weaving, only 1mm thick but able to withstand more than 500kg loads, soft and pleasant to the touch. The carabiner cable being only 3mm in diameter, also contributes to significantly reducing drag.

Waist positioning A simple but efficient fastening system between the legs, quick to clip on, ensures that the belt will not move up the waist during your freefall when your suit compresses. This « AUTOLOCK» system does not require applying excessive tension on the elastic band but keeps it softly and comfortably in place without friction between the legs.

Adjustable size Both front and back buckles can be positioned exactly according to your body shape, same as for the elastic band which can be cut once you have measured the proper length (by first testing it on your own body).

Belt   100% polyester strap and UV treated polyamyd parts
Elastic rope “heavy duty” polyester and latex (made in France)
All metal parts   marine stainless steel SS216
Carabiner  Carbon composite
Sewings  100% polyester thread triple reinforcement