About us

Encounter Freediving is a family-run micro-business based in Brisbane, Australia. Founded in 2014, by Emily Shaw and Michael Bates, we aim to provide specialist freediving equipment and amazing freediving experiences. We are an online equipment shop, however we are happy to meet up with customers in Brisbane or at National competitions/events to try gear. Orders are typically sent via Australia Post by the next business day, allowing for fast delivery Australia-wide (please contact us if you require international shipping). We are experienced and passionate freedivers and underwater sportspeople who use our expertise to deliver you the products that we love. Read more about us!

Environmental commitment

We are committed to preserving our blue planet for future generations. We strive to role model good ocean stewardship and have a strict policy of “take only photographs and leave only foot prints” on our trips. Our office receives its power from the sun and our staff aim to minimise their ecological footprints through waste minimisation and eco-friendly dietary and product choices. You will also notice that your orders are packed in reused packaging. Join us as we enjoy the beauty of the ocean and help us to protect it!

Encounter Freediving is a registered business name with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. ABN:41749875281