Octopus Bottom Plate


The Octopus bottom plate is the perfect addition to your depth training set-up, featuring:

• Optimal hydrodynamic performance in the water while pulling it up thanks to its compact shape and wide holes

• 21cm,  fluro yellow colour plate for a great visibility underwater

• Quick and robust mounting system (3 Phillips 316 stainless steel screws)

• Weight: 140 grams 

• Material: ultra robust ABS (thermoplastic polymer, same as our line stopper)

It works perfectly with a 10 to 12mm rope. It is possible to use it with smaller ropes down to 8mm.

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Regarding the mounting process, the bottom plate is divided in 3 parts. A plate and a center structure (identical to our safety stopper). A simple knot is placed in its center, and 3 stainless steel screws (standard cross-head) make it easy to finish putting it in place. Made out of strong ABS plastic.