Our team

Emily Shaw
Emily is an SSI, AIDA and PADI qualified freediving instructor and an Australian National Champion freediver. She has been cultivating a love of the marine environment since she started snorkelling at age 3 and now holds a PhD in marine science. Emily loves being able to help freedivers of all levels to achieve their goals and to be able to showcase our amazing local marine life. 

Michael Bates
Michael is an SSI Level 3 freediving instructor and is active in all aspects of the Australian freediving community. He is a regular competitor and Australian Champion freediver, has dedicated many years as President of the Australian Freediving Association, has a PhD in ocean physics, and is an experienced instructor who is currently studying to become an assistant instructor trainer. Michael loves developing his knowledge and ability in freediving and sharing that knowledge with others.

Lewis Jones
Master freedive instructor Lewis Jones joined the Encounter Freediving team in 2019! Since becoming an instructor in 2012, Lewis has become an instructor trainer with Apnea Australia and is now a SSI master instructor. He has held the NZ National Record for Dynamic Bifins, but his favourite discipline is static apnea because of the mental challenge. “I like trying to figure out the mental side of freediving. It’s also the part I most enjoy helping others with.” Lewis has helped numerous students of all levels to reach their freediving potential and is the lead instructor for our Gold Coast based courses.