Octopus XL pulling system


The new XL model of the Octopus pulling system has been designed to increase efficiency and for use with thicker ropes (10mm and above).

Using double-diameter pulleys, compared with the classic Octopus pulling system, significantly decreases the friction due to the angle of the rope against the pulley. As for everything else, it works in exactly the same way as the CLASSIC model.

As always, it remains easy to usestrong (max. load 250kg), efficientergonomic, and still compact even if a bit chunkier than our CLASSIC model, while maintaining high-quality components!

It makes it easy to drop the line even with just one hand (or even with only two fingers!), and has no sharp edges, giving it a perfectly ergonomic shape.

It is so resistant that you can just leave it hanging under your buoy, without any real need to rinse it in fresh water after use. You can even jump on it with both feet, it will keep working over and over (with any rope from 8 to 13 mm diameter)!


Finally, it will enable you to pull the line up way more efficiently in case of an emergency.

Try it once and you will never go back to using just the simple carabiner! Designed and tested by Swiss record-holder Pascal Berger.

Top-quality components:

  • a strong structure (polyamide charged with 20% fiberglass)
  • a thick 8mm anodized aluminum arm (ALU6061)
  • two low frictions polyamide pulleys for ropes 8 to 13mm
  • marine stainless steel screws

Note about CLASSIC and XL models

The CLASSIC model is perfectly suited for ropes of 8 to 10 mm of diameter. It can also be used with 11 and 12 mm ropes but this will require a little bit more effort to pull your bottom weight back up.

If your priority is maximum efficiency and safety, or if you are planning to use ropes of 11mm or thicker, then we recommend you to go for the XL model. Of course, this model will also work perfectly well with ropes of smaller diameter: in that case it will simply make your life easier when bringing the bottom weight back up at the end of your session, or if pulling an unconscious diver back to the surface in case of emergency.

Classic vs XL model

Additional information

Weight 0.24 kg
Dimensions 13 × 3 cm

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