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Why are Molchanovs Monofins the best? It starts with the blade. Not all monofin blades are created equal. Molchanovs fin-makers start with the highest quality fiberglass and resin. They then apply ultra-high compression (UHC) to produce the highest fiber-to-resin ratio of any blade on the market. Unlike other blades on the market, Molchanovs orient the fibers of the blade at a 45-degree angle to the blade-edge. This makes the layering process much more painstaking, time consuming and expensive, but it produces far superior torsional rigidity in the blade as compared to the industry-standard practice of orienting the fibers perpendicular to the blade-edge. Every single Molchanovs blade is then carefully hand-layered in a five-day process by experienced craftsmen who have over 15 years of experience crafting Molchanovs monofins. The end result is a durable monofin blade that is also the softest, most flexible and most responsive blade on the market with our signature feel.
For the new generation of Molchanovs Monofin several key improvements have been made to the blade:
1. The first is the redesign of the revolutionary Soft Tip Blade. The new blade design retains the feel you expect from a Molchanovs Monofin but improves its power and longterm durability.
2. The second key design is the new composition and placement of the footpockets and the introduction of a cutout in the blade between the footpockets (the Quick-Transition Blade design). These changes both reduce resistance and drag during the kick-phase of the stroke and allows the blade to quickly and efficiently transition between the strokes. These changes also have decreased slightly the overall length of the monofin which allows for more precise control with greater efficiency.
3. The third key improvements were the redesign of the protective blade stripes which now have a lower profile and are longer to provide superior protection.
Please note: Molchanovs fin-makers individually craft monofin blades by hand. In order to make the shallowest cut possible to avoid damaging the integrity of the blade, the hand-layering process may introduce small imperfections along the edges of the layers. These imperfections do not affect your performance — they are a sign that your blade will be both durable and is of the highest quality.

All Molchanovs monofins are shipped directly from the Molchanovs factory in Russia.

Prices displayed are in Euro, however, once the product is added to your cart it will be converted and charged in Australian dollars. The exchange rate used is that of the European Central Bank and are updated daily.


Size refers to European shoe size. See information on “standard size foot pockets” below. Standard options have black blade, foot pocket, and blade stripes.

Please note, non-standard colours have custom fin production times, even if ordering a standard fin option.


Purchase a bag with your monofin!

Ideal for taking your fin to and from training

Space for one monofin + some gear

Custom options

Please fill out all of the below details if you selected a custom fin above. Please note, additional manufacturing time applies for custom options. See “measurement instructions” below for details on how to measure your feet, and “selecting a blade” for blade suggestions.

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Molchanovs Handbuilt Footpockets

Molchanovs footpockets are unique in the market and engineered by Alexey Molchanov to provide you the highest comfort and the best performance. Handbuilt in the Molchanovs factory factory for more than 15 years with the highest quality materials.
The curved shape of the footpockets and the built-in arch support keep your feet in a streamlined position ready for the kick while minimising the drag. They allow your feet to create an immediate response in the fin once the movement begins. The arch support also decreases fatigue in your feet that is normally arising from flattening our feet.

The newest generation of handbuilt footpockets provides more comfort for your feet than ever before due to the Comfort Lining and more space for your toes inside the footpockets. The new design is highly UV-resistant and will stay bright and shiny.

Blade selection

The perfect blade for you is a combination of your size and technique. Generally speaking, smaller people will need a softer blade. Similarly, people with straight leg technique will also tend towards a softer blade, whereas people with a bent-knee technique will need a stiffer blade. Blade size also comes into play, with smaller blades being better for smaller people and straight-leg technique. Here are some examples of sensible blade selection:

  • A petite female would select a small, soft blade.
  • An average size and strength female would select a standard, soft blade.
  • An averaged size and strength man with good technique would select a standard, soft blade.
  • An averaged size and strength man with bent-leg technique would select a small, medium blade.
  • A large man with bent-leg technique would select a large, medium blade.

Standard size foot pockets

 EU Size Foot length (cm)
34 22.7
35 23.3
36 24
37 24.7
38 25.3
39 26.0
40 26.7
41 27.3
42 28.0
43 28.7
44 29.3
45 30.0
46 30.7

Notes: The EU foot pocket size will typically give a comfort to normal fit without socks (meaning the fins should remain comfortable for long periods of time). If you want a tight fit without socks, it may be necessary to go a size down. If you are wearing socks and want a comfort fit, it may be necessary to go up a size.

Measurement instructions

Click here for a detailed video guide on how to take the foot pocket measurements.

Monofin care tips

Here are a few tips on caring for your monofin, to get the longest possible life out of it:

  • Rinse your monofin all over (including inside the foot pockets) with fresh water after each use (this includes after use in the pool, as pools contain high levels of chlorine).
  • Avoid having your monofin in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Avoid keeping your monofin in hot places for extended periods (e.g. in the car on a hot day).
  • To clean the rubber parts of the fin (especially coloured accents), use a non-acetone based nail cleaner (e.g. ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, or isopropyl alcohol).
  • Using a cloth, periodically rub silicon grease into the rubber parts (similar to the way you would rub in a leather preserver into leather shoes).

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