Molchanovs CB2 carbon bifins


The Molchanovs CB2 are a unique combination of Molchanovs comfortable handbuilt open heel footpockets paired with the highest quality carbon fiber blades. The Molchanovs CB2 comes with our new M-Stripe design in a variety of colors. Choose from a standard configuration, or create your own! Please note, additional production time applies to standard configurations.

All Molchanovs bifins ship directly from the factory in Russia.

Prices for Molchanovs bifins are displayed are in Euro, however, once added to your cart it will be converted and charged in Australian dollars. The exchange rate used is that of the European Central Bank and is updated daily.


Size refers to European shoe size. See information on “standard size foot pockets” below.

Please note, non-standard colours have custom fin production times, even if ordering a standard fin option.

Custom options

Please fill out all of the below details if you selected a custom fin above. Please note, additional manufacturing time applies for custom options. See “measurement instructions” below for details on how to measure your feet.



The Blade

For the production of Molchanovs carbon fiber blades the highest quality materials on the market are used. A high quality carbon can be recognised by its dense composition that allows it to be soft and flexible yet strong. Adding the highest quality resin holding the carbon together, Molchanovs master fin-makers create the most efficient blades on the market. Each blade created by hand in an accurate and time-consuming process in our own factory since more than 15 years.
The blades are designed and fine-tuned by Alexey Molchanov in order to decrease your energy consumption on the kicks while moving with the same speed. The secret to enhance your freediving performance is through minimizing your energy consumption on a dive while maintaining or even decreasing your speed. Our soft blades can reduce your effort spend per kick by half.
The blade is shaped to move just the right amount of water for an effortless kick and create minimal water resistance. This is achieved by narrowing the blade towards the footpocket in a bottleneck shape so it moves less water where it is not bending much creating less water resistance. This shape allows the blade to transition quickly and efficiently between strokes.

The layering of the blade is fine-tuned for effortless kicking. It became more equable. This compensates the softness of the bottleneck shape blades beginning. The layering of the fins is optimised for most efficiency and effortless kicking in the water with symmetrical kicks and a small to medium amplitude. Small to medium amplitude kicks create less drag in the water compared to a large amplitude.

Molchanovs Handbuilt Footpockets

Molchanovs footpockets are unique in the market and engineered by Alexey Molchanov to provide you the highest comfort and the best performance. Handbuilt in the Molchanovs factory for more than 15 years with the highest quality materials.

The curved shape of the footpockets and the built-in arch support keep your feet in a streamlined position ready for the kick while minimizing the drag. They allow your feet to create an immediate response in the fin once the movement begins. The arch support also decreases fatigue in your feet that is normally arising from flattening our feet. The new generation of handbuilt footpockets provides more comfort for your feet than ever before due to the comfort lining and more space for your toes inside the footpockets. The new design is highly UV-resistant and will stay bright and shiny.

Standard size foot pockets

 EU Size Foot length (cm)
35 23.3
36 24
37 24.7
38 25.3
39 26.0
40 26.7
41 27.3
42 28.0
43 28.7
44 29.3
45 30.0
46 30.7

Notes: The EU foot pocket size will typically give a comfort to normal fit without socks (meaning the fins should remain comfortable for long periods of time). If you want a tight fit without socks, it may be necessary to go a size down. If you are wearing socks and want a comfort fit, it may be necessary to go up a size.

Measurement instructions

If you intend to wear socks, please make all measurements with socks on.

Click here for a detailed video guide on how to take the foot pocket measurements.

The desired fit determines the tightness of the foot pockets. 3 options are available:
Comfort: Ideal for recreational dives and long training sessions. If you intend to put them on for long periods of time, choose this option. Comfortable for about 45-60 min.
Normal: A medium tightness, ideal for focused training sessions and competitions. Comfortable for about 20-30 min.
Sport: The tightest fit available, maximising power transfer, specially for competition dives. Comfortable for about 10-15 min.


The blades are made to withstand strong underwater moves in any direction and consequently provide powerful thrust. However, don’t walk with the fins on rough rocks and don’t drop heavy solid objects, such as cameras with underwater gear, weights, etc. – the blade could crack or break. We suggest washing off salt and keeping the fins away from the strong sun and heat.

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