Privacy statement and consent

I agree that the SSI Dive Center Encounter Freediving (“Controller”) as well as third parties involved in the performance of the contract (e.g. SSI Professionals/Instructors for the execution of the dive training, parcel services for the delivery of my certification) may process my personal data (name, address, country, e-mail address, photo, date of birth, phone number if necessary, information provided by me on my state of health, my certification number and, if necessary, also a medical certificate) for the purposes of conducting my training, my certification and the administration of my membership as well as other purposes necessary for the performance of the contract.

I am aware that the Controller, as well as my diving instructor (SSI Professional), may transfer the personal data mentioned above for administrative purposes (e.g. in case of diving accidents, complaints) to SSI International GmbH, Johann-Hoellfritsch-Straße 6 – 90530 Wendelstein, Germany,, Tel. +49-9129-909938-0 (“SSI“) as well as SSI Service Centers and other third parties involved in resolving the respective case or in the performance of the contract (e.g. insurance companies, public authorities, companies affiliated with SSI), as far as this is necessary in order to fulfill the contract, comply with legal obligations or ensure legitimate interests.

I further agree that the Controller may store and further process the above mentioned personal data (including the medical certificate if necessary, but excluding information provided by me on my state of health) for the purposes mentioned above using the online system (“MySSI”, managed by SSI and thereby forward my personal data to SSI and SSI Service Centers. Once my data has been collected in MySSI, I will receive from SSI an automatic email with username and password, as well as additional privacy information related to the MySSI area, which I must acknowledge in order for my MySSI account to be activated. The activation allows direct access to teaching content and personal profile information (e.g. learning progress, certifications, educational level, etc.), but also constitutes the necessary prerequisite for any SSI certification due to security reasons.

This means that, in case of revocation of the consent for the processing of my personal data in the MySSI system, no training can be done with SSI, and in case of deletion of my personal data based on my request, already obtained certifications become invalid.

Controller may transmit the personal data mentioned above to companies and contractual partners outside of the EU/EEA in compliance with relevant data protection laws.

The personal data will be retained by Controller for ten years after the ending of the business relationship with the customer or until the expiry of the guarantee, warranty, limitation and statutory retention periods valid for the Controller and/or beyond this until the ending of any legal disputes in which the data are required as evidence.

After activation of the personal account by confirming the MySSI Data Protection Declaration, the personal data stored in MySSI will be retained for an unlimited time to enable SSI to confirm the status of training and certification at any time. If a registered user neither activates the MySSI account nor gets certified within 36 months after registration, the data will automatically be deleted from the MySSI system.

At any time, you have the right to know the personal data stored and the right to request to correct or delete the data. Furthermore, you have the right to revoke the consent given at any time, taking into account the consequences described by revocation and cancellation. In addition, you have the right to request a transfer of data and to complain to the authorities in charge. If you have any questions or need to execute any of these rights, please contact the Controller, or for inquiries related to the MySSI system, contact SSI directly.

For persons under the age of 16, this declaration must also be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

I have carefully read and hereby acknowledge and, where applicable, agree to this Privacy Statement and Data Processing Consent Form.