Online learning and training

Get started on your course or keep motivated with personalised coaching! We have put together a range of products to help keep you motivated and improving, wherever you may be.


Feel like your progress has stagnated or that your freediving isn’t improving as fast as it could be? Do you want to use your time more effectively and get more out of your training? Our team of accomplished instructors is ready to give you a personalised training schedule, that is tailored to your level and your goals. The training programmes are designed to suit your lifestyle and can include for example, dry training for breath-hold, flexibility and strength, pool training, and equalisation, depending on your specific goals and the time and equipment/facilities you have available to you. Click here to get started!

Digital course materials

You can purchase freediving course learning materials and get started with your course theory online right now! The purchase price of your materials will then be credited towards the cost of your course. So, get started by clicking below.