Nose clips

Nose clips are used for hands free equalisation, and many people like to use them in static and dynamic apnea as a good quality nose clip can prevent you from exhaling your air or snorting water when the big contractions set in. They are a piece of equipment that can be very personal – a nose clip that forms an unbreakable seal for one person may be a leaky sieve for someone else, which is why we stock a variety of nose clips:

All nose clips come with a removable string that allows it to be fastened around your neck and we stock a range of colour options.

Trygons Original

Trygons v1
The original Trygons nose clip was used by Herbert Nitsch on his no limits world records! To quote him: “I don’t have to bother about my nose clip anymore. Once this thing is closed, it stays there for ever.”

The nose clip is machined from a 7071 series aluminum alloy block. It can stop in any position, as it has no restraining steps when closing. The shape is designed to allow the clip to sit high up the nose without clamping on cartilage. Its metal construction also means there is virtually no flex, while rubber pads mean it is stays in place comfortably.

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Replacement nose pads also available. In stock! AU$5 – contact us to order.

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Trygons V2

The Trygons V2 is the latest nose clip from Trygons – it’s lighter (only 19 grams!) than the original and creates the same seal with less pressure.

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Replacement nose pads also available. In stock! AU$5 – contact us to order.

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Apnea Academy

Apneautic’s Apnea Academy nose clip is possibly the most popular nose clip ever made, having sold 3000 units in its first year of production. It is constructed from polyamide, giving it minimal flex, and the rubber pads keep it comfortable. The clip can stop in any position, and the design of the nose clip means it is very hydrodynamic.

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Replacement Apnea Academy nose clip pads also available.

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The Octopus nose clip is made in Switzerland with top-quality materials and finish. Its ergonomic shape and anti-slip silicone pads ensure a tight grip and no leaks, for perfect equalisation.

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