najadesprintNAJADE is the brand of choice for the world’s top underwater sports competitors. Most of the finswimming world record holders are held by athletes with NAJADE bifins and they are also the fin of choice for underwater hockey and underwater rugby players, swim training, SCUBA diving, and freediving/finswimming training.

The excellent performance of NAJADE fins is provided by the special shape and 100% rubber material, in addition to the manufacturing of various parts of the fins with different hardness (elasticity) of rubber. The current models result from several years of development and testing by finswimmers.

We currently stock the NAJADE SPRINT and IRON models as these models are best suited to our customers’ needs. We also have limited stock of NAJADE Speed fins for small feet (size 1) and can also get other models of NAJADE fins in stock, so please enquire if you require a different model for your purposes.

The NAJADE SPRINT model is designed with a strong head part of the fin, enabling higher starting acceleration and higher speed. Most of the mens world records of finswimming are held by NAJADE SPRINT. These type of fins are also preferred by underwater hockey and rugby players, who need high speed swimming over short distances.
In stock! AU$180 – contact us to order or to enquire about group discounts for your club.

The NAJADE IRON model has been designed for strong swimmers, who find the SPRINT model to be too soft for their purposes. Made out of a harder material, the IRON allow for maximum acceleration underwater.
In stock! AU$195 – contact us to order or to enquire about group discounts for your club.

We also stock NAJADE Speed in size 1 (European size 34-36) for children who are starting underwater sports at a young age! Speed fins are light weight and fast, making them a good choice for underwater hockey and rugby players and for swimming training.
In stock! AU$120 – contact us to order or to enquire about group discounts for your club.

Size chart for Sprint and Ironnajadesize*Note that sizes are intended for a tight fit to allow maximum power transfer. If you prefer a looser fit or like to wear socks with your fins then please consider a larger size.

Najade fin socks (3mm)
For improved comfort and a tighter fitting fin, we offer Najade 3mm neoprene, open-heeled fin socks.
In stock! AU$33 – contact us to order

Najade care tips
Here are a few tips on caring for your Najade bifins, to get the longest possible life out of them:

  • Rinse your fins all over (including inside the foot pockets) with fresh water after each use.
  • Avoid having your fins in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Avoid keeping your fins in hot places for extended periods (e.g. in the car on a hot day).
  • To put your fins on, first wet them and use water and soap or hair conditioner on your feet (especially if your fins are tight fitting, this will help reduce stress on the rear strap). Alternatively, you can put a small amount of silicon grease on the inside of the foot pockets before putting them on.