Molchanovs are the leaders in freediving monofins. World champion freediver Alexey Molchanov has worked with leading monofin manufacturers since 2003 to produce the world’s best range of freediving monofins.

Monofins come in two models – the F1 (standard) and S2 (sport) model. Models come in a large range of sizes, blade stiffnesses and come with a fibreglass blade. Please see information below and contact us to discuss your requirements or for assistance with sizes and models.

S2 (sport) monofin and F1 (standard) monofin design
The F1 fin is an excellent fin for both entry level and competitive freedivers.  The location of the foot pockets is ideal for those new to monofin technique or those with a ‘bent-legged’ monofin technique or who use a large amplitude kick. Overall this is an excellent fin for its price.

F1 (standard) monofin

The S2 (sport) monofin has a narrower, shorter blade than the standard fin. This fin allows for sharper control over the blade, allowing for smaller amplitude kicks and easier beginning of the kick. Overall it allows for very efficient kicking with a straight-legged technique and is the fin of choice for elite competitive freedivers.

S2 (sport) monofin

Colour, size and blade stiffness options
Molchanovs monofins come with a wide selection of coloured accents and options. There is also a wide variety of foot pocket sizes and blade stiffnesses available to suit just about every freediver. Please contact us so that we can assist you to find the perfect colour, foot pocket size, and blade stiffness for you.

S2 monofin with blue blade, blue foot pockets, black accents, and black stripes.

F1 (standard) fin – Currently unavailable
S2 (sport) fin – AU$880* – Order a custom fin
*Prices do not include shipping, non-standard colour options or optional extras (blade strips). Have a question? Contact us to ask!

All monofins are custom-made to your specifications. Please allow approx. 2 months for manufacturing.

Make sure you take care of your monofin – check our our accessories page to see what is available.
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Monofin care tips
Here are a few tips on caring for your monofin, to get the longest possible life out of it:

  • Rinse your monofin all over (including inside the foot pockets) with fresh water after each use (this includes after use in the pool, as pools contain high levels of chlorine).
  • Avoid having your monofin in direct sunlight for extended periods.
  • Avoid keeping your monofin in hot places for extended periods (e.g. in the car on a hot day).
  • To clean the rubber parts of the fin (especially coloured accents), use a non-acetone based nail cleaner (e.g. ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, or isopropyl alcohol).
  • Using a cloth, periodically rub silicon grease into the rubber parts (similar to the way you would rub in a leather preserver into leather shoes).