Lobster neckweights

The lobster neck weight has revolutionised pool freediving. Its ergonomic design promotes greater relaxation. Its modular system allows for fine-tuning of weighting down to 100g. The way it spreads the weight down the divers back promotes better streamlining. All of this means one thing – better performance. More details can be found at the bottom of this page.

Encounter Freediving stocks the 4kg lobster neck weight. It comprises a 2.5kg base, with 500g, 400g, 300g, 200g, and 100g segments, allowing fine tuning of weight in 100g increments from 2.5 to 4kg.

Lobster 4kg full set in stock!  $380 – order now! Have a question? Contact us!


Traditional neck weights that hang from the neck can create tension in the neck and back muscles, and concentrates the weight in a single spot – often causing spinal problems. The ergonomic design of the lobster neck weight spreads the weight around your neck, back, and shoulders much more evenly, reducing tension and stress on your spine.

The segmented design hugs your back, following its natural curve. Each segment has a gap to so as not to put any pressure on your spine’s vertebrae.


Even when you are wearing the perfect amount of weight, you are not necessarily properly streamlined. Traditional neck weights, with all the weight on the neck, will tend to put you into a head-down position. Wearing weight on a weight belt will tend to weigh down the lower body, putting you in a head-up position. The lobster neck weight sits lower than a traditional neck weight, encouraging a more horizontal position, thereby improving streamlining.

Furthermore, the lobster neck weight is designed to have a low profile, minimising drag resulting from your equipment. The smooth outer material of the weights reduces contact forces, helping you to glide through the water.