Molchanovs fibreglass bifins (Pathos foot pockets)


Snappy, responsive Molchanovs fibreglass blades, paired with lightweight Pathos footpockets.

All Molchanovs bifins are made-to-order, and ship directly from the factory in Russia.

Prices for Molchanovs bifins are displayed are in Euro, however, once added to your cart it will be converted and charged in Australian dollars. The exchange rate used is that of the European Central Bank and is updated daily.


Add a Molchanovs bifin bag to your order



Molchanovs bifin blades made with the same ultra-high compression fiberglass used in legendary Molchanovs monofins. The UHC Fiber is a high-performance fibreglass made to specification using over 50 times the pressure of other fibreglass long fins. The blades are shaped by hand to give it its unique flexibility. The result is a softer, more responsive yet more powerful fin.

The F1 Blades are paired here with light weight Pathos foot pockets. Molchanovs F1 Blades are available in translucent blue and come in three different stiffness levels.

Made from highest quality materials

  • Same UHC fibreglass as Molchanovs Monofins
  • Layered by hand for that unparalleled response

Technical specifications

  • Blade Angle: 20°
  • Overall Length: approx. 85 cm (depending on foot pocket size)
  • Blade Width: 18 cm
  • Weight (Pathos): 1.15 kg

The blades are made to withstand strong underwater moves in any direction and consequently provide powerful thrust. However, don’t walk with the fins on rough rocks and don’t drop heavy solid objects, such as cameras with underwater gear, weights, etc. – the blade could crack or break. We suggest washing off salt and keeping the fins away from the strong sun and heat.

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