Molchanovs carbon shorties (custom foot pockets)


Minimum Size. Maximum Power.

The most compact fins in the Molchanovs lineup, designed for propulsion & portability.

All Molchanovs bifins are made-to-order, and ship directly from the factory in Russia.

Prices for Molchanovs bifins are displayed are in Euro, however, once added to your cart it will be converted and charged in Australian dollars. The exchange rate used is that of the European Central Bank and is updated daily.


See “measurement instructions” below for details.

See “measurement instructions” below for details.

Foot measurements

See “measurement instructions” below for details.

Add a Molchanovs bifin bag to your order



For the frequent flying freediver, travelling with long fins can be cumbersome, and regular snorkelling short fins often fail to provide the familiar kick and propulsion we crave – so Alexey Molchanov, frequent traveller himself, sought to make his life easier.

He designed the C1 Shorties to mimic the feel of Molchanovs long fins, keeping the snug, custom footpockets for maximum power transfer from limb to blade. Widening the carbon blades compensates for loss in length, while keeping the feeling of thrust and power as close to our long blades as possible.

100% carbon fiber Molchanovs C1 Blades are handmade using vacuum infusion – a more expensive and time-consuming process but one that produces a higher carbon fibre-to-resin ratio in a thinner, lighter and more responsive blade. This result is a blade with amazing feel yet is powerful enough to set multiple world records.

These blades are then married to Molchanovs custom sport foot pockets. The customization process takes into account key measurement points of your feet, to ensure that they fit your feet snugly. The open heel is designed for maximum agility while ensuring optimum energy transfer for the conservation of energy.

Molchanovs carbon Shorties come in two different stiffness levels in a variety of blade and accent colours.

Made from highest quality materials

  • Hand-made from start to finish
  • Heavy-duty, wear-resistant foot pockets
  • Soft & comfy rubber interior
  • Premium 100% carbon fibre blades

Technical specifications

  • Blade Angle: 26°
  • Blade Length: 46 cm
  • Blade Width: 19-20 cm
  • Weight (One Pair): 1.70 kg

Production times take approximately 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the volume of orders. 

Measurement instructions

If you intend to wear socks, please make all measurements with socks on.

Click here for a detailed video guide on how to take the foot pocket measurements.

The desired fit determines the tightness of the foot pockets. 3 options are available:
Comfort: Ideal for recreational dives and long training sessions. If you intend to put them on for long periods of time, choose this option. Comfortable for about 45-60 min.
Normal: A medium tightness, ideal for focused training sessions and competitions. Comfortable for about 20-30 min.
Sport: The tightest fit available, maximising power transfer, specially for competition dives. Comfortable for about 10-15 min.

The blades are made to withstand strong underwater moves in any direction and consequently provide powerful thrust. However, don’t walk with the fins on rough rocks and don’t drop heavy solid objects, such as cameras with underwater gear, weights, etc. – the blade could crack or break. We suggest washing off salt and keeping the fins away from the strong sun and heat.

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