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To purchase equipment from us, please fill out the below product order form. Once we receive your order, we will send you an invoice with payment details by the next business day.

Our emails often go to people’s junk folders, so, please make sure you check your junk/spam folder. If you cannot find an email from us there, please contact us via email, or telephone: (07) 3822 7578. If we have not heard back from you within a couple of days, we may use your contact phone to call or text to make sure you received our invoice.

We do not pass your information on to any third parties, except where products are to be sent directly from a manufacturer to you (typically, this is for monofins, carbon bifins, and wetsuits). In this case, we will give your delivery details to the manufacturer for shipping.

Order Najade bifins

Please state model (iron or sprint), quantity and size (see here for information)

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Trygons OriginalTrygons V2Apnea AcademyMolchanovsOctopus
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For information on buoys, etc see here.
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instepmicroporeblade strip
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blade protectionlight weight bagmedium travel baglarge travel bag
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Order Molchanovs bifins

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