PADI Basic Freediver

The PADI Basic Freediver course is a great first step for developing solid freediving skills. You learn basic freediving principles and focus on practicing breathhold techniques in a pool. This course is a great, cost-effective option if you are only interested in pool training and require certification to train with a freediving club. Upon completion of the PADI Basic Freediver course, you can upgrade to a PADI Freediver certification through Encounter Freediving by completing a knowledge/skill review, and the open water requirements of the PADI Freediver course.

To enroll in a PADI Basic Freediver course you must be at least 12 years old. You need adequate swimming skills and need to be in good physical health. You must be able to demonstrate the ability to swim continuously on the surface 200 metres without swim aids, or 300 metres using mask, fins and snorkel. No prior experience with freediving is required.

What is involved?

The PADI Basic Freediver course consists of two main phases:

  • Knowledge development through independent study with the PADI Freediver Touch™ . This is to be completed prior to the course day and the instructor will review any questions you have prior to the pool session.
  • Pool session to learn breathhold techniques as well as static and dynamic apnea, plus proper buddy procedures. Goal – static apnea of at least 90 seconds and dynamic apnea of at least 25 metres.

What will you learn?

  • What is freediving?
  • The physics of freediving
  • The physiology of freediving
  • Freediving equipment
  • Freediving skills
  • The open water environment and aquatic life
  • Safe freediving practices

What does it cost?

A PADI Basic Freediver course costs $250 (for Brisbane-based courses).

What’s included?

  • Course materials
  • Self-development of knowledge through the PADI Freediver Touch App.
  • One pool session that includes static apnea, dynamic apnea and rescue techniques (typically three hours, however, we cater to the needs of students and can take shorter or longer)
  • Certification, upon successful course completion.

 What’s not included?

  • Personal equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit (recommended), weight belt).