Buoys, ropes & accessories

We stock a range of Apneautic equipment to suit your depth training requirements, including:
Buoys and inner tubes
Bottom plates
Weight straps
Pulling system

Large buoy and inner tube

Apneautic’s large buoy with premium model inner tube (model ITLB). The large buoy can hold up to 100m of rope (10-12 mm diameter) and is ideal for individuals training with their dive buddies through to freediving instructors and schools. The buoyancy is very good, minimising energy loss in Free Imersion diving, and can also be used with a counter ballast system.

The cover of storage compartment, that is in the middle of the buoy, is equipped with a combination of both two quality plastic YKK zippers, and Velcro for easy access and long durability of the buoy. There are two circular-cut holes at the bottom of the buoy to maintain stable buoyancy and ease up the exit of the water from the interior of the buoy. These drain holes are equipped with plastic meshes

Small straps that are around the whole buoy are designed for hanging the snorkel. Big straps serve as a handle for diving freedivers. Part of the buoy has also a small lateral tunnel which is there for inserting telescopic diving flag (flag not included). The rope is fastened with carbines to welded stainless steel mesh that is placed at the bottom of the buoy. The bottom strap is dual again which significantly increases the stability of d-ring and durability of the buoy.

Dimensions of inflated buoy: 700mm in diameter/ 230 mm in height
Volume of storage in buoy with inflated tube inside: 16 L
Inner tube volume: 60 – 70 litres depending on pressure

Material: Buoy jacket is made of polyester fabric coated with PVC. Bottom strap and lateral meshes are made of PES. The buoy is tailored with high strength thread. The buoy is highly resistant, non-absorptive and dries quickly. The inner tube is PVC with a boat plastic valve.

Instructions for use and maintenance of the buoy and inner tube.

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Rope (12 mm diameter)
Apnea line is a static rope designed for water sports. Freedivers, who often travel to train, compete or work, especially favour it. Apnea line is also very popular among freediving instructors. Made out of PPV and multiplex fibre, the rope has several outstanding properties. Due to its design it has minimum elongation (4%), high strength, abrasion resistance and it does not harden even after several years of usage. PPV is chemically stable, non-flammable, non-absorbing and floatable. Also, it is both light and dries quickly.

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Bottom plates

Weight, strap and line not included.

Bottom plate. Weight, strap and rope not included.

Apneautic bottom plates are made of high quality, durable but at the same time flexible plastic. It is designed for ropes of 10-12 mm in diameter. The plate is not completely flat, it is slightly parabolic towards the bottom. The outer diameter of the plate is 28 cm and thanks to its low weight (230 g) it is like all Apneautic products, suitable for freedivers and instructors who travel a lot by aeroplane. Around the perimeter of the plate there are 30 holes for tags, for use in competition or practice. The holes are 5 mm in diameter. To install the bottom plate you simply pull it through the rope and tighten the matrix which fixes the plate in the required distance from the end of the rope (from the weight).

Material: The body of the plate is made of high quality, durable nylon.

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Weight strap for buoy

48-freediving-weight-belt-for-buoy-4 The Apneautic weight strap is primarily intended for use with conventional diving weights. Its simple design makes it very light, strong, durable and reliable at the same time. You do not have to be worried anymore that the buckle opens up freely and all of your weight ends up on the bottom! Freedivers (especially those who travel by air) will especially appreciate its light weight, reliability and compact design.

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Octopus pulling system

The Octopus pulling system is easy to use, sturdy (max. load 250kg), efficient, compact and ergonomic. It is compatible with ropes of 8 to 12 mm diameter and in case of emergency, it will enable you to pull the line up more efficiently. It is durable and made from high quality components, suitable for frequent use in freediving environments.

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